Thursday, September 13, 2012

"MWM" Part III

The end of the summer. The final piece to another puzzle, another story. Because there is a reason why some things are just meant to be left for last. 

M was shy and so was his timid smile, yet he was the most natural person my lens had ever captured. M was perfect...a word almost foreign in my vocabulary.

M has raw and flawed, floating almost too intuitively to my instructions. He probably spent too many days infront of his mirror persistently practicing...longing for the day when...

 I would finally find him. 


With every end comes a new beginning. The new, curated storage room from 55th Street is officially open. ( )

Take a stroll while the lights are still bright and the sky is still high. 

At the US Open semifinals. Alexander Wang vest, Helmut Lang top, BCBG leather skirt.

Photos taken in Zurich and New York
Streets Unknown

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Chlorophyll Curtains"

I am not, or at least I used to think I wasn't, a person to photograph landscapes or intimate portraits of blossoming flowers no matter how breathtaking the scenery is...Do not get me wrong nature does have its deep impact in my somewhat industrial and morbid concrete soul...However it just isn't my photographic subject to go to...but of course there are always exceptions...and those temptations one seems to not be able to resist. 
In this case mine were a fence of 20 meter tall chlorophyll curtains. 

Happy weekend. 

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 Wearing an Acne dress on actual 55th Street. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am back... and...back I am going in time. Back to epic eras that inspire me and sometimes make me wish I could be reborn ...or maybe just being misplaced in least for a moment.. for a brief taste

No pretentious and obvious introductions since there are no introductions needed...only photos allowed. 

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Wearing H&M top, Helmut Lang skirt and Ray Bans. 

Photos taken in New York
Streets Unknown 

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