Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Play Me"

God knows I am not a musician (even though my alter ego still believes I have the hidden potential to become a rock star which might explain my obsession with leather attire). It is not necessarily the fact of having groupies risking losing their vocal chords just to scream your name when in reality they might be aware that there is only a 1% chance that they will actually catch your attention, or the endless traveling or becoming a trendsetter to the point of being able to pull off getting a tattooed testimonial done by an intoxicated fan on your butt just because you are that cool that you can actually do that. To me, it is about being able to create something that infects people's subconscious, something that resonates in their mind to the point of altering their lives at least for a split second. Something so contagious that it is all they can think about when they should be concentraing on more important things. Isn't that the ultimate goal of an artist in a way? You want to be the reason why someone's arm hair defies gravity and feels electrocuted. You can only wish that someone can feel so touched, so seduced by something that is not even palpable. That is what a perfect song should do in my opinion, it should be played and it should play you at the same time.
The best part of all of this? ...You can always play the replay button when feeling unsatisfied and hungry for more. 

Yes, this is the result of a free couch, some paint in my bag, a dosis of inspiration and two special "puppets" willing to pretend this was an ordinary way to spend a Saturday morning.

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 Quick outfit photos taken with my Iphone. Wearing a sweater by H&M from the men's section, Ray Bans, navy sheer shirt/dress and beige jacket both by Acne.
Photos taken in Bern, Switzerland and New York.
Streets Unknown. 


  1. Super shots! You did a very good work!

  2. Love your trench!


  3. You should definitely stick to black, it looks very mysterious.

  4. This is so artistic I love it! Great style, edgy and unique! The piano artwork is beautiful!


  5. It's so lovely, the third and fourht pictures especially because of the placement of the models hands. The contrasts between a man and a women, and then the piano keys and such, beautifully artistic! And the written part of your post is so true, it's amazing to feel and attain that electric feeling from art.


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  7. awesome blog!

    I like the photos with the piano drawn on the model. And the outfit is also great, I'm a big fan of Acne.


    P.S.: I have a giveaway contest running on my blog!

  8. Wow! Great idea and excellent realisation ... love your work. very creative and emotive.


  9. Daymn girl,
    Your photos are crazy good! Loove the depth beneath them. Ture artist x

    Stephanie in Style


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